Amazon Fire 7 Review: A great tablet for anyone looking for an affordable option!

The Amazon Fire 7 is the cheapest tablet on the market and continues to offer good value for money. It’s available in a range of colors, costs $59 and features 8GB of storage which can be expanded via microSD card. The new refresh has added some extra power and battery life, making it better suited for surfing the web, checking email or reading books.

While it doesn’t come with Apple interface flair or ability to play more demanding games like Candy Crush Saga, its strengths lie elsewhere – notably cheap price tag (£10 less than an iPad) combined with availability in numerous color options which make buying group gifts easy!

So, today in this article, we will do an Amazon Fire 7 review and see how this device fares as compared to its current competitors!

Amazon Fire 7 Review: A Comprehensive Guide!


The Amazon Fire 7 is a budget-friendly tablet with an attractive design. It has thin bezels and rounded edges, making it comfortable to hold. The black color looks professional and gives the tablet a high-tech look. The front of the device features the iconic Amazon logo, while the back has a grooved texture that helps you grip it better when using one hand.

On top of this, there are two stereo speakers that produce clear sound quality for music or video streaming. One downside to its design is its weight – at 9.9 ounces (309 grams), it’s not very lightweight compared to other tablets on the market today. Additionally, although its size is small enough to fit in most hands comfortably, some people may find it too large for their liking due to its thickness (7 inches wide by 4 .6 inches tall by 0 .38 inch thick).

However given that this product falls within budget constraints rather than being designed as aesthetically pleasing luxury item like many competitors in this category, these shortcomings can usually be forgiven because they pale in comparison to what makes this tablet stand out from others: affordability!


The Amazon Fire 7 boasts a brighter display than its predecessor, but otherwise, things remain solidly in the land of mediocrity. The biggest drawback is the 1024 x 600-pixel resolution, even on a display this small that looks quite fuzzy and particularly if you are used to flagship phones with significantly higher pixel density displays.

Brightness is aptly the bright spot for this model at 421 nits – outshining both tablet average (400 nit) and Gateway 10.1’s 283 nits scoresheet performance rating respectively!

Looking at flipside of coin though; while blue light reducing mode easily accessible from notification shade sounds like an appealing perk to have it unfortunately falls short when compared therewith other top tier competitors such as Apple iPad mini 4 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S2!


So, the next part of our Amazon Fire 7 review includes the audio quality. The Amazon Fire 7 is one of the most affordable options on the market for a tablet with Alexa capability. With that said, I wasn’t very pleased with its audio capabilities. First and foremost, if you’re looking to use your Fire 7 as an entertainment device—whether it’s listening to music or watching movies or shows—I would strongly recommend investing in headphones or a separate speaker.

The single integrated speaker located on the side of the device isn’t good at all; in fact, it makes strumming guitar and wistful tunes sound like they’re being played into a tin can. Additionally, spoken word content (like Audible audiobooks) sounded quite muffled when listened to through this particular speakers – again emphasizing just how important it is to invest in additional audio gear if you want optimal performance from your Fire 7 tablet. 

But even though Audio quality was pretty poor overall on our unit, we did manage to appreciate hands-free Alexa experience quite well despite not having any built-in microphone! So overall while Audio Performance may not be perfect depending upon what type of media contents are playing but both Hands free functionality and General usability still deserves kudos because these devices are becoming increasingly more portable.


The Amazon Fire 7 omits the 3GB of RAM found in other devices, and instead has 2 GB. While this might sound like a downgrade on paper alone, it actually does not have too much of an impact when it comes to performance. In fact, I was able to run most apps and browsing without any lag or problems whatsoever- even during heavy loading times.

Granted, you will definitely be limited if you try to install many extra applications due to its allocated storage size (8GB), but for basic tasks such as reading books or checking emails there is no issue at all!


When it came time for benchmarking however, the results were a bit lower than we would have hoped for.

The device managed Geekbench 5 overall score of 540 which isn’t bad by any means- however keep in mind that flagship smartphones from major manufacturers often boast scores well above this mark! So while the Fire 7 tablet may not offer comparable specs compared with some more expensive options currently on the market; don’t let its low ranking discourage you altogether – especially considering its price point!

Overall then I think that buyers should expect good performance from the Amazon Fire 7 tablet barring unforeseen issues popping up down the line; making it great value for money given what else is available at this budget range equivalent!

Battery life

When it comes to battery life on Amazon’s newest tablet, the Fire 7, we were actually quite impressed. According to our tests, the device lasted 10 hours and 58 minutes – almost 50% longer than the Gateway 10.1. Granted, this is still shorter than many competing tablets out there but for a budget-priced option like the Fire 7 it’s pretty impressive!

Additionally, Amazon includes a power adapter and USB Type-C charging cable in the box so you can juice up your device without having to search for an outlet or find another source of electrical current.

Charging speeds are also disappointingly low with only 30 minutes netting us just 15% battery life; however 4 hours will likely be sufficient given that most people won’t need their devices all day long anyway.

Amazon Fire 7 Review: The Bottom Line

As an Amazon Prime subscriber, I am really impressed with the performance of this tablet. Not only is it a great way to consume media like books and movies, but there are tons of other features that come along for free as part of the membership such as photo storage and free two-day shipping on most items.

The size can be deceiving at first because it does not feel all that big in your hands; however its weight belies how large it actually is – perfect if you want something lightweight to take traveling or just reading around the house without wanting/ feeling weighed down by a heavy device.

So, the conclusion of the Amazon Fire 7 review? Well, you can surely go ahead for buying this tablet if you are on a bit of budget constraints and are completely ok to tradeoff a couple of key features and specs!

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