DJ Fresh to launch AI software that protects artists’ voices

Dan Stein – aka DJ Fresh – has unveiled his new AI software, Voice-Swap, which allows artists’ voices to be protected and safeguarded.

According to the press release, the software is distant from other AI platforms “embroiled in copyright infringement controversies,” as Voice-Swap “stands firms on protecting artists’ rights, ensuring fair compensation every time their voice is employed”.

It states that Voice-Swap is an example of how AI can be used responsibly and ethically, as it ensures that all artists are provided with a pro-rata share of the revenue generated from their voice model usage.

To be a part of Voice-Swap, you need to upload 25 minutes of singing, or eight a capella tracks to the site. From that, the software will create a digital clone which can then be used by subscribers.

This is not the first time that artists have used the AI boom to create software that utilises the new technology.

Grimes recently showcased her new software, Elf.Tech, which allows fans to convert their own voice into Grimes’ voice.

She has also mentioned that users can “feel free to take advantage” of the Grimes IP, and that the platform can collect master recording royalties for users if they choose to distribute their songs through Elf.Tech.

Regardless, it appears that Voice-Swap seems to be the first AI software that has an artist-payment model at the forefront, which is certainly a positive direction.

To give the new software a go, head to Voice-Swap.

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