Getresponse Is One Of The Best Email Marketing Tools For Individuals Or Businesses

Everywhere we look, there’s another email marketing or marketing automation solution that essentially does the same thing as the rest. But, GetResponse is often mentioned as a feasible option for email marketing software. It’s difficult to choose the best email marketing tool. There are several factors to think about in terms of usability, features, and, of course, cost.

GetResponse is widely recognized as a leading email marketing platform. But do you think it’s a good fit? Let’s find out.

What is GetResponse?


The GetResponse platform has been in use for years. Search engine optimizer Simon Grabowski created the first autoresponder in 1997. GetResponse has since subsequently increased the number of countries represented by its staff and introduced new capabilities. Website Magazine, for example, named GetResponse the 2011 runner-up for best email marketing service, so you know that the tool is getting some attention.

But in the present day, when rivals are more numerous and their features more robust to the joy of customers, how has GetResponse remained at the top of its field? One of GetResponse’s greatest strengths is the company’s capacity to adapt to new circumstances. It hasn’t sat on its laurels, and it keeps giving its customers the most cutting-edge tools available to make their email marketing campaigns successful.

GetResponse Features

  • A/B Testing

When deciding between two different versions of an email to send to clients, an A/B test can help you determine which one will be more successful. Content, subject lines, time of day, and even day of the week can all be put through their paces in an A/B test. GetResponse will automatically send the highest-performing email to your subscribers once you’ve figured out what they respond to.

  • Analyses and Statistical Reports

GetResponse allows you to monitor the success of your email marketing campaign after it has been sent. You can see the percentage of emails opened, the number of times an email was clicked on, the number of times a user unsubscribed, the percentage of people who converted, the percentage of people who shared the email, and the percentage of emails opened on mobile devices. Two email campaigns can be compared head-to-head to see which was more successful.

The website tracking code that may be implemented is another helpful tool that allows you to monitor the success of an email campaign by viewing its impact on conversions, subscriptions, and site visits. You can view analytics in the form of your choice of chart or table. You can see exactly where your contacts are located and their response patterns in the map view.

  • Automation

Workflow creation is simplified with the drag-and-drop automation capabilities included in GetResponse. You can utilize these functions to notify customers that their carts are empty or to greet new subscribers. If you want your email marketing efforts to be more effective, you may test, track, and adjust your workflows.

  • Contact Management

Using GetResponse, maintaining an email mailing list is a breeze. Lists can be made and pre-existing contacts imported, new contacts added, contacts segmented and filtered into groups, and list growth tracked. GetResponse’s automated email list hygiene checks for errors and removes them by processing opt-out requests and bounces.

  • CRM

GetResponse’s ability to build personalized sales channels and in-depth customer profiles stand out. The CRM allows you to monitor all of your leads and identify potential sales opportunities.

  • Email Creator

GetResponse’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for marketers of any experience level to make emails that adapt to different devices. GetResponse offers two distinct methods for creating emails: a drag-and-drop interface and an HTML source editor.

To ensure you don’t forget anything, the drag-and-drop editor will walk you through the process. Use one of GetResponse’s pre-made email templates or start from scratch to send your messages. When composing an email using the editor, you can simply drag and drop components like headers, text blocks, and image blocks to insert them.

Images can be repositioned, resized, and cropped. There are one thousand free stock photos available for use.

Previewing the email as you go lets you see how it will look on various devices, so you can make sure it looks good on mobile and desktop. After you’re done tweaking the layout of your email, you can check out how it appears in other browsers. If you’re worried about whether or not your email will reach its intended recipients, you can use the spam score.

  • Email Templates

The library at GetResponse contains over 500 newsletter templates, so you’re sure to find one that works for your company. The fitness and wellbeing, tourism, retail, e-commerce, personal care, creative agency, online training, automotive, and education sectors have access to professionally designed templates.

  • Forms and Surveys

Use the form templates provided by GetResponse, such as those for newsletter signups, product orders, digital downloads, event registrations, holiday signups, and blank forms. Forms support A/B testing, and more fields can be added to build in-depth profiles of your site visitors. Web forms can be linked to social media and e-commerce platforms like Facebook, Joomla, PrestaShop, WordPress, and WooCommerce.

Surveying to include in a newsletter or post on your website doesn’t cost anything extra. Your survey can have up to 50 pages, multiple question types, and your company’s logo. GetResponse will gather and analyze the responses from your survey once your clients have finished it.


  • With so many options for starting points, it’s possible to create virtually anything with the platform.
  • There’s no guesswork involved; a clear visual representation of your marketing automation operations and funnels is provided.
  • The elementary and straightforward conversion funnel builder
  • The webinar function can be used independently of any other webinar software.
  • Constructing websites has never been easier than with this all-in-one website editor and intelligent design tool.

Customer Support

GetResponse’s customer service is top-notch. The customer representatives are accommodating and responsive. You can ask questions via live chat, email, or the blog, which houses an extensive knowledge base covering topics like newsletter creation and distribution, workflow initiation with various conditions, and list import schedule.

Ease of use

You’ll have little trouble finding your way around GetResponse. GetResponse’s dashboard is well-organized and easy to use, with a dedicated area called “Quick Actions” for quickly accessing frequently used features. You have complete freedom to customize your dashboard layout by adding or removing widgets.

GetResponse Pricing

Base, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise are the four tiers of the GetResponse service. Subscription costs are scaled according to the number of customers. Unlimited email sending and tagging, as well as autoresponders and primary landing pages, as well as automated marketing workflows, are all part of each subscription. The GetResponse Basic, Plus, and Professional plans offer free trials.


From what you’ve read above, it’s clear why GetResponse is still a leading email marketing platform. Its automation and email marketing offerings are unparalleled.

GetResponse’s already user-friendly interface is bolstered by its many pre-made templates for contact forms, email newsletters, website landing pages, and automation workflows and funnels. The templates are helpful even if you don’t understand how email marketing software generally functions, allowing you to message more clearly.

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