Google Pixel 6A Review: A Comprehensive Look!

The Google Pixel 6A is finally here and it is a mid-range smartphone that succeeds the Pixel 5A. The device is simple in design and unassuming in size. It doesn’t stand out like some of the other smartphones in the market, but for Pixel fans, this should be enough of a lifeline.

The launch of the Pixel 6A includes India in the first wave of countries across the world. So, how does it fare overall? Is it worth the shot? Well, let’s find out all of this and more in our Google Pixel 6A review!

Google Pixel 6A Review- A Comprehensive Guide!

Design and Display

The Pixel 6A sports a sleek and simple design that is not as flashy or eye-catching as some of the other phones on the market. However, many people may find it too plain and boring to be worth spending their money on.

I do think this phone has its merits though; namely because it is compact and easy to hold because of its 6.1-inch display size. This makes it great for those who want an easier time using one hand while gaming, reading notifications or watching videos – all without feeling like they’re struggling with a large device in their hands!

It also happens to be excellent for consuming media content since you don’t lose site of what’s going on around you thanks to its Full HD+ resolution coupled with OLED HDR support (the latter being particularly rare these days). I also really appreciate how well sunlight reflects off this screen – which means you can use your phone outdoors even when things get a bit too sunny!


The Google Pixel 6A packs a 12.2MP primary camera, a 12MP ultrawide angle snapper, and an 8MP selfie camera on its rear panel. Of these three cameras, the main one that users will be focusing on is undoubtedly the 12.2MP sensor which houses artificial intelligence capabilities to help improve image quality in both daylight and low-light conditions – something that has been greatly improved compared to earlier models of Pixels (with some exceptions).

All aspects of photography are easy to use with good results obtained even when trying challenging shots such as those with moving subjects or with many people in them at once; portrait mode captures images well too thanks to Google’s machine learning software enhancements coupled with natural light capturing abilities enjoyed by most modern smartphones nowadays.

However while photos captured using the Ultrawide Angle Camera may look great from afar, it does suffer slightly when pitted against higher end rivals for detailed fine color reproduction or true black levels during night time shooting profiles! However, it overall remains a very capable shooter indeed especially given its sub-$500 price point.

User Interface

When it comes to the user interface on Google Pixel 6A, I think users will be quite happy with what they get. This is a clean and smooth mobile operating system that does not come complete with all of the bells and whistles some manufacturers include in their phones; however, this does not hamper usage in any way.

Some features worth mentioning are Live Transcription and Now Playing – both of which proved useful while using this phone as my primary device. The former allows you to easily transcribe something into text (which can then be shared), whilst the latter lets you control playback options for whatever media is currently being played – whether that’s music or a video clip.

Overall, I am very pleased with how well thought-out Google’s user interface appears on this particular model; without diving too deep into technical jargon, it works flawlessly without adding unnecessary stress to day-to-day workings.

Performance and Battery Life

The next section of our Google Pixel 6A review includes the performance and battery life! The Google Pixel 6A is a mid-range Android phone that was released in October 2021.

It has the first Google Tensor chipset manufactured in partnership with Samsung and it’s important for several reasons – it allows Google to finetune its software for the chipset, and Google’s leaps in artificial intelligence and machine learning can be experienced first hand with features like Live Translate, Speech Enhancement, Live Transcription in the Recorder app and more.


The Google Pixel 6A comes with a Google Tensor octa-core chipset. It is a 5nm chipset with a max. core clock of 2.8GHz and it has been made by Samsung. The Antutu score of the 6GB variant comes out to be 5,47,312 which is pretty impressive and indicates that this phone can handle any task you throw at it.

The chipset is great for gaming and other multi-tasking performances because it has a dedicated NPU for AI processing along with an 8-core Mali G78 GPU. Furthermore, the UFS 3.1 storage helps in faster app opening and load times as well as data transfer speeds.


The Google Pixel 6A battery is a generous 4,410 mAh, for a screen time of about 5-7 hours. It also supports 18w fast charging and can be easily charged to full capacity in just about an hour. It’s easy to get through the day and half on this phone, which depends on your usage patterns and settings.

We think the lesser 60Hz refresh rate is helping it last that long—the display has a refresh rate of 60Hz instead of 120Hz on other phones like the iPhone 13 or Galaxy S22, which means that it refreshes 60 times per second rather than 120 times per second. This means less power consumption and less heat generation.

Google Pixel 6A Review- Final Verdict!

So, what is the final verdict of this Google Pixel 6A review? Well, when it comes to smartphones, Google has always been one of the leaders in terms of software. With their Pixel lineup, which was launched last year and is still going strong, they have pushed forward with features that make using a phone more efficient and easy. The latest addition to this lineup is the Pixel 6A.

Although not as powerful as some other devices on the market (for example, models from Apple), it does offer something excellent – photography! The camera on the Pixel 6A is definitely one of its standout features; clean interface notwithstanding. It offers great performance even when taking pictures in low-light conditions or during quick action shots – something that can be difficult for phones with less sophisticated cameras.

This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to take quality photos without having to worry about settings or controls being complicated or overwhelming. Additionally, there are many smart functions built into the camera app itself that allow users to customize how they want photographs taken depending on what situation they find themselves in: whether you’re after vibrant colors or natural light tones etc.

One downside compared to some other options out there might be that despite offering great photographic value ,the battery life isn’t quite as good as others currently available; however given its main focus towards photography rather than general all-round usage like texting etc., this shouldn’t come across too much of a negative.

Overall though if you’re looking for a device specifically designed around taking beautiful images then look no further than the Google Pixel 6A!

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