Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: Should you go for it?

Google Pixel Buds Pro are one of the newest additions to the Google family. They were created with an avid Android phone owner in mind, and allow for seamless control and updates through their app.

With access to all your voice assistant commands, you can easily take care of any task or conversation without ever having to take your hands off of the wheel! So, should you just go for it?

Well, let’s find that out and more in today’s Google Pixel Buds Pro review. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Google Pixel Buds Pro Review- A Comprehensive Guide!

What’s it like to use Google Pixel Buds Pro?

Google Pixel Buds Pro by Google have a nearly identical matte white case with black accents as the original Google Pixel Buds (2020). The difference between the two is that whereas the 2020 model has an LED on the bottom of its lid, and a touchpad below it, in place of buttons for media playback controls, on the Pixels Pros both these features are absent.

The LEDs instead reside up near where your thumb would rest when gripping either earbud; they’re not too bright or intrusive but still noticeable if you happen to look at them directly. And thankfully there’s no need to adjust volume or change tracks using just this control – those duties now fall into dedicated buttons found on each side of each bud respectively.

There are also three microphones embedded inside so calls can be made hands-free without having to remove anything else from your face aside from maybe sunglasses or goggles! Speaking about taking/making calls: one neat addition compared to Buds predecessors is that pressing and holding down either button will activate Assistant Voice Controls!

How do you control the Google Pixel Buds Pro?

By default, the Google Pixel Buds Pro have mostly intuitive controls. Swiping forward and back on either ear bud will control your volume; a swipe up increases sound while down lowers it. You can also cycle through listening modes by pressing and holding one of the buds for two seconds until you hear a beep-like tone (the mode indicator light changes color accordingly).

There are no dedicated buttons to change these settings – instead they’re all controlled from within the earbuds themselves. A more interesting addition is that a swipe motion will also trigger Assistant functions like play/pause or activating voice commands hands free: just hold down on one of the side triggers towards your upper lip as you insert or remove them, then say “Hey Google” when prompted to activate their microphone.

If this gesture bothers you, there’s an option in Settings to disable it completely. However, not everything about controlling these headphones with gestures is perfect – sometimes I found myself having to lift my hand quite high off my shoulder in order for either speaker tip to detect my movement!

Additionally, because both buds require complete silence before triggering assistant functionality (and unless using mono mode), accidental activation could easily occur if talking without headphones nearby at any time when wearing them around town though chances are pretty low considering how rare tap-to-talk devices actually ARE currently!

Should you use the Pixel Buds app for Google Pixel Buds Pro?

There are a couple of things to note about the Pixel Buds app. Android users can download it from Google Play, and once downloaded, you’ll be able to see a list of features including updates, some limited customization options (such as choosing your ear tips color), and the fit test which will help determine if your ear tips will work with the buds.

If you’re eager to get started using Assistant with these headphones – or just want an overview on how everything works – I would recommend downloading the app because it does have helpful functions like setting up reminders for when your battery is low (you’ll need this information whether you use assistant or not) as well as finding them if they go missing.

In addition to being able to control Assistant directly through these headphones via Bluetooth, another useful function that’s available within the App is called “Find device.” This allows you to find either one specific Pixel phone or any other Bluetooth enabled devices around your home in case they wander off somewhere!

Comes with a built-in Volume Equalizer

Finally we’ve got Volume Equalizer which lets those who love bass heavy tracks EQ their music according its own preferences so everyone in the room gets what they prefer without feeling left out).

Overall despite there being few bells & whistles included comparably there isn’t anything inherently wrong with this application- though admittedly dedicated fans may miss elements such as additional customizations that certain third party applications offer for greater personalization possibilities).

How does the Google Pixel Buds Pro connect?

This section of our Google Pixel Buds Pro review includes it connectivity and pairing features. Aside from having a simple process of pairing, the Google Pixel Buds Pro also offer AAC support over Bluetooth 5.0 which is required for anything that utilizes this standard. This can be interesting to note given that not all devices will be able to automatically detect and use the Pixel Buds Pros with their default Bluetooth settings.

In my case, I had to manually enable AAC streaming on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 before it would play audio through the device flawlessly. Moving onto YouTube performance, when paired with a Galaxy S21 there was little-to-no latency seen during playback; however, noticeable lag appeared when testing against another Android smartphone (Galaxy S21+) as well as a Samsung tablet.

Turning off Fast Pairing then resolved any issues associated with unsupported codecs or old hardware but at what cost? Latency wasn’t always bad but switching back between devices often resulted in choppy video playback regardless of whether or not Fast Pair was engaged; hopefully future updates could address these discrepancies.

Nonetheless overall if you’re looking for wireless earbuds without breaking the bank they definitely deliver and are worth giving a try particularly if your phone supports aptX low latency Audio Codec technology natively!

Google Pixel Buds Pro Review- The Bottom Line

So, what is the final verdict on this Google Pixel Buds Pro review? Well, when you purchase the Pixel Buds Pro, it comes with a charging case. Furthermore, it has an IPX2 rating which means that it can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water for 30 minutes without issue. The gesture controls work well without any misfires or glitches during our testing period – they’re responsive and easy to use while listening to music or controlling your smartphone’s audio playback.

The battery life on these Earphones impresses us greatly – easily batting above average amongst true wireless earbuds at 12 hours according to Google’s estimates (we found this number closer to 14-15 hours). And even better: there are no annoying warning signals throughout prolonged usage, meaning you never have worry about running out of juice mid-song!

However, one downside we noticed was that the Earphones only support AAC codecs – limiting users who primarily want access to Spotify’s extensive playlist options outside of North America where both SBC and AAC streams are supported. Overall, it has a great value proposition and you should certainly consider it if you are in for a premium wireless earphone!

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