Lenovo Yoga 9i Review- Is it really worth it?

Lenovo has been one of the premier laptop manufacturers for years, and it is no surprise that they have continued their excellence with the new Yoga 9i. This 14-inch convertible packs some serious punch, boasting superb battery life, clever and powerful speakers, good performance, plenty of ports, and an OLED display.

Whether you are looking for a business productivity machine or a multimedia powerhouse to take on your next vacation (or both!), the Lenovo Yoga 9i should definitely be at the top of your list.

So, today in this Lenovo Yoga 9i review, we will look in-depth at its overall design and performance and will see for ourselves, how it pits against its competitors!

Lenovo Yoga 9i: A Comprehensive Review

Design and build quality

When it comes to design, the Lenovo Yoga 9i definitely has a luxury look about it. The matte aluminum body is striking and polished to an amazing shine. While this does make for a high-quality system, there are some areas where the laptop falls short. For instance, while the sides of the system have been rounded out very well, they do lack any real strength or rigidity – making them prone to bending if you aren’t careful with them!

Additionally, despite being painted quite closely to match the keyboard/touchpad area on the device itself (an innovative feature), I did notice that there were sometimes small dust particles floating around inside of both sections when air ventilation was enabled; something that could easily be fixed by just wiping down every part regularly with a cloth or microfiber towel in between cleanings.

Apart from those two minor issues though, overall construction feels great given its price point – especially considering all of its ports sit neatly along one edge near your hands rather than having annoying bulkheads sticking outwards like so many other laptops nowadays do.

Display, Sound and Webcam

Lenovo’s Yoga line has always been known for its slim and well-built design, but the latest iteration takes it up a notch with the addition of an OLED screen. The display is stunning to look at; bright, punchy, and boasting VESA DisplayHDR 500 True Black certification – meaning it can deliver 400 nit levels of brightness in typical viewing conditions.

This makes the 9i one of the brightest laptops you could find on sale today! As far as audio goes, Lenovo didn’t rest on their laurels when designing this laptop – they’ve included some great speakers that produce rich bass tones without drowning out other sounds. It was also nice to see a 1080p webcam mounted here – something that wasn’t common among iterations from previous years.

Overall, we were very impressed by both hardware and software found on this laptop – making it definitely worth your consideration if you’re looking for a powerful Windows 10 machine capable of handling most tasks easily.


Next, on this Lenovo Yoga 9i review, let’s gauge its performance! The Lenovo Yoga 9i is a powerful laptop that offers great performance. The Intel Core i7-1260P processor scored very well in three out of the four tests we ran. In the PCMark 10 benchmark, it delivered an outstanding score of 1,837 which blew away the prior Core i7-1195G7. This also leads to better multitasking and overall speed when running multiple tasks at once.

However, one downside to this particular model is that it falls behind AMD’s Ryzen 5700U in terms of raw processing power. While this does not affect gaming performance as much as you might think – especially given its strong results in other benchmarks – there may be cases where games simply run faster on AMD hardware due to its higher core count (eight vs twelve).

Importantly though, even older games can now be played at full resolution and high detail settings with minimal frame drops on the Yoga 9i thanks to its powerful CPU! Another interesting point worth mentioning is that while noise levels are slightly louder than those from competing laptops when idle or lightly used, they become considerably more noticeable under heavy use conditions such as encoding video or playing heavily multi-threaded titles!

Battery life

The Lenovo Yoga 9i is a laptop with an impressive battery life. In one standard battery test, the Yoga 9i lasted 12 hours and 12 minutes – which is significantly longer than most laptops in its class.

However, even in real-world conditions, the yoga9i averaged about seven hours of endurance – meaning you can easily get through a full workday without needing to recharge it.


The Lenovo Yoga 9i 14-inch features a number of connectivity options, both wired and wireless. The laptop has 2 USB-C 4 / Thunderbolt 4 ports which can be used for charging, connecting displays, or connecting to the internet/USB hub. It also has 1 USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 port and a 3.5mm combo audio jack.

While there is no built in ethernet connection like on other laptops in this price range, it does have 802.11ac Wi-Fi 6 (3×3 spatial multiplexing) with Bluetooth 5.1 support for wireless networking Connectivity!


Lenovo is a well-known laptop manufacturer and their Yoga 9i model is no exception. This machine comes with Alexa for PC, which allows you to control various functions of your computer using voice commands. The 3 months of Xbox Game Pass that come pre-installed are also a nice bonus.

However, one downside to this laptop is the McAffee antivirus software – it’s very intrusive and difficult to disable entirely if you don’t want it running on your system all the time. Overall though, Lenovo’s Yoga 9i offers excellent value for money in terms of features and performance

Lenovo Yoga 9i Review- Final Verdict!

So, what is the final verdict of this Lenovo Yoga 9i review? Well, overall the Lenovo Yoga 9i is a great 2-in-1 laptop. Its display is 16:10 and it has good performance for its price range.

The only issue we had with the Yoga 9i was its mushy keyboard, but that can easily be remedied by getting an external keyboard or using a wrist rest if needed. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Lenovo Yoga 9i to anyone looking for an affordable and well-rounded 2-in-1 machine!

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