Spotify Offline Mix, YouTube Music Inspired Feature

There are many music streaming services around the world which makes it a very competitive market. Each streaming service is fighting to get to the top of the table with their own strategies. While some of them have their focus on music quality, others would rather shift a bit from top end streaming quality in favor of affordability. There is also another set which focus on pure entertainment through investments in social media integrations and promotions.

Whichever strategy each platform uses, they all have one focus. That is to be the largest music streaming platform with the highest number of subscribers. To stay strong in this competitive market, it is solely about being innovative or copying from each other. Speaking of which, Spotify seems to have taken inspiration from a very useful feature on YouTube Music.

As one of the largest streaming platforms in the world (if not the biggest), Spotify prides itself as the platform that allows premium listeners to download up to 10,000 albums. It also allows premium members to download podcasts and playlists on up to 5 different devices. However, it lacks one very useful feature in the download category.

Since 2019, YouTube Music has boast of a feature that allows premium members to automatically download their frequently listened tracks. Unfortunately for Spotify, the lack of this useful feature has been a downside. Finally, Spotify is preparing to introduce its own version of this feature. This was confirmed by the CEO of Spotify himself Daniel Ek.

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Spotify CEO Confirms the Offline Mix Feature

Ek posted a tweet on Thursday revealing the feature which is currently under development. The feature seems to be called “Offline Mix Playlist” according to his caption. He added the caption “Your Offline Mix Playlist”. He further explained the caption with the statement ” designed for those times when you might not be online.” Even though the CEO didn’t reveal further details, the tweet means he is open to user suggestions. Spotify Offline Mix

The lack of further details simply means that the availability date of the feature is unknown. There is also no information on how many songs users can automatically download for offline use. In contrast, YouTube Music’s smart download feature allows for up to 500 tracks to be automatically downloaded for offline use.

How Useful is Spotify Offline Mix?

As a music streaming platform, it may look like having this feature may not be very necessary. However, there are certain scenarios where having this feature becomes essential. While listening to music, you might come across a particular music that you really love. For instance, you may find yourself repeatedly listening to a track without downloading it. Later on, you may struggle to find that specific music again, especially when you also forget the title of that track. This is when this feature becomes handy. It may be a small addition, but it is very useful in keeping your favorite songs organized for offline use.

Availability of Spotify Offline Mix Spotify Offline Mix

Rumors surrounding this feature has been around for a while now. A reliable leaker who is well-known for leaking upcoming features of apps spoke about this feature three years ago. Jane Manchun Wong, uncovered that Spotify was developing an “Offline User Mix” in the year 2020. Three years down the lane, the CEO himself has hinted on a similar feature. At least, we can firmly confirm that the feature will soon launch even though details of the official launch date still remain behind the curtains.

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