The MacBook Air M2 Review: Should You Buy It?

The original MacBook Air was one of the first ultra-portables on the market and it created a huge demand for these types of laptops.

Apple has since updated the MacBook Air with new features and hardware, which makes it an even more important computer. So, today in this article, we will have a brief MacBook Air M2 review, and see for ourselves about how it fares compared to its competition!

MacBook Air M2: Quick Glance!

The new MacBook Air is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, but it also has a bigger and better screen. And thanks to Apple’s M2 chip, it’s also much faster than the last model. The Apple MacBook Air M2 is a 13.60-inch laptop that features no touch screen and only has refresh rates of 60Hz. It comes with an 8GB RAM, a 256GB SSD, and 2 USB ports.

The Thunderbolt 4 (Type C) allows for increased data speeds when connecting to devices such as external hard drives or monitors. Lastly, the headphone and mic combo jack enable you to easily connect headphones or microphones without having to take apart your device

So, if you’re looking for an ultraportable laptop that has great design, performance and battery life, the new MacBook Air should be at the top of your list.

MacBook Air M2 Review: A Comprehensive Guide


The MacBook Air is a tremendously thin, light laptop computer. It measures 0.44 inches (1.13 cm) thick, with a width of 11.97 inches (30.41 cm) and depth of 8.46 inches (21.5 cm). In terms of weight it’s also quite lightweight at 3 pounds or 1 kg – which makes it perfect for traveling as well as working on-the-go!

One thing that sets the MacBook Air apart from other laptops is its finishes: you can choose between four different colors; silver, space gray, starlight, and midnight Blue in addition to your standard black option. All four options look fantastic and give the laptop an Apple-y feel – no matter which one you pick!

One interesting note about these finishes is that they seem to be more colorful than actual aluminum shades would suggest; blue may actually appear green under certain lighting conditions so take this into account if choosing a particular color(or awaiting apple’s release notes!).

Keyboard and trackpad

The keyboard and trackpad on the new MacBook Air are very good. The keys are just the right amount of bouncy for a laptop keyboard, they obviously won’t please desktop mechanical keyboard enthusiasts but they’re hard to imagine them disappointing just about anyone else.

I have been using laptops exclusively since 2007 so it’s tough to say whether or not I’m used to lighter keyboards yet this one feels perfect in my hands – no fatigue even after hours of typing. Obviously, if you were coming from a traditional PC-based keyboard, then you will find this interface decidedly lacking; however, since there are now hybrid devices like the iPad 12 Pro, people rarely need/want full size physical buttons at any point during their workday anyway!

My favorite detail about Apple’s newest MacBook Air M2 design may be the inclusion of what appears to be an extra large Track Pad exactly like the one found on my own 14inch MacBook Pro which has been extremely responsive and reliable.


The next section of our MacBook Air M2 review includes the display! When it comes to displays, there’s no question that Mini LED and OLED panels have become the standard in laptops. However, Apple has stuck with a more traditional LED display on their latest MacBook Air M2 laptop – and they made some smart decisions along the way.

For one thing, the screen has a weirdly tall aspect ratio. Colors are impeccably balanced thanks to Apple’s Color Space technology – meaning you don’t end up seeing any washed-out colors even when viewing bright images close up. Resolution is also high enough so things always looks pretty sharp onscreen; 500 nits brightness ensures this isn’t an issue at all during daylight hours.

There’s actually a built-in camera notch at the top of the screen which—while not universally loved by everyone—is mostly non-intrusive as long as you’re okay with how it looks overall (especially if you’re using keyboard coverings like Magic Keyboard). Overall, then while Mini LED screens may be quickly becoming ubiquitous among budget laptops, we think most users will be extremely happy with what apple delivers hereon!


Apple’s latest update to the MacBook Air line is unsurprisingly faster than its predecessor, with a single-threaded performance that closely mirrors that of Apple’s highest end laptops like the iMac Pro and retina display models. The biggest gains are seen in graphics performance when running professional software or gaming; for example, playing DiRT 3 on Ultra settings sees an overall 50% increase over the old model’s results at 1920×1080 resolution!

When it comes to daily work tasks such as browsing websites, emailing back and forth, typing up documents etc., you’ll be hard-pressed tell any real difference between this year’s model and last year’s – especially if you’re also considering purchasing one of Apple’s high-end displays like their 27in 5k Retina Display option.

However when it comes time to take on some heavier tasks such as photo editing or video encoding which require significant processing power – then these new systems start pulling ahead quite emphatically. So while we wouldn’t say that moving from an older generation MacBook air to this newest revision is anything akin either side of a desktop/laptop computer divide: there has been unquestionably improvement across all categories here!

MacBook Air M2 Review- Final Verdict!

So, what is the final verdict on this MacBook Air M2 review? Well, if you’re looking for a powerful laptop that can handle most tasks, the 2020 MacBook Air is still an excellent option. The biggest changes to this model in years were the transition to Apple’s new M1 chip and redesign.

The M2 MacBook Air is faster and more reliable than its predecessors, but it isn’t as radical a leap as the M1 chip. If portability or battery life are important factors for you, then we recommend opting for one of the older models instead – they remain available at lower starting prices too.

However, if you’re specifically looking for a MacBook Air that can easily handle creative projects or heavy workloads, then our top recommendation would be the 2019 version (or later) with its updated Intel Core i5 processors and 16GB of memory!


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