Waves’ Key Detector plugin can analyse any audio file to find its key

Software developer Waves has launched an AI-powered Key Detector plugin, which will, as the name promises, detect and indicate the key of any sample, track or complete mix.

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Launched as a way to streamline music production and save time, the Key Detector provides users with a root note, a scale (major or minor), and two likely alternatives via its Neural Networks engine.

Key Detector is also said to be an ideal companion to Waves’ vocal tuning and harmonising plugins: Waves Tune Real-Time, Waves Tune, Waves Harmony, and OVox. Users can click the Transmit button, and the detected key will be sent to all active instances of these plugins (these will need to be updated to the latest v14 release for this feature to work).

“Key Detector is an indispensable time-saving tool for all music makers,” Waves says. “Finding your key has never been easier. With the powerful Neural Networks engine developed by Waves, it accurately determines the root note, identifies whether the scale is major or minor, and also presents two alternative scale options.”

Check it out in the videos below:

Back in March, Waves faced backlash after deciding to move to a subscription-only model via the Creative Access platform. Shortly afterwards, it made a U-turn on the announcement with the option to purchase and update perpetual plugin and bundle licences making a return.

In a statement shared at the time, Waves said: “We are committed to you, our users. We listened to your feedback, and we will continue to listen to you.”

Key Detector is currently available for a discounted price of $24.99 (as opposed to $64.99). You find out more on the Waves website.

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